Its summertime in MN! That means many different things, but for a lot of people it means sprucing up their yard. Did you know that simple projects that improve your “curb appeal” have a 100% return of your money spent when you decide to sell? Home buyers know within the first 5-7 seconds of arrival at a home that is for sale if they will like it or not. I recommend keeping your yard neat, tidy, and looking its best all the time, but especially if you plan to sell. Here a few simple ideas to keep your yard looking its best:  

  • Refresh mulched areas 
  • Keep the weeds under control 
  • Plants that bloom during all seasons (ask me for ideas, I love plants!) 
  • Potted plants near the front door 
  • No cob webs or bugs on light fixtures 
  • Trim overgrown shrubs or trees 


Reach out with questions! Gardening and planting is a hobby for me, but I also love helping people with their landscape needs.