Hello! Welcome to my first blog post! I love that you are here and will plan to keep you updated about all things real estate. Today I am sharing wisdom from an agent with 18 years of experience!

“Good news for sellers, the median home prices have risen 8.4% in the Minneapolis Metro Area!  The bad news for buyers is that we only have 5,125 homes for sale. This means prices may continue to rise if we do not see more inventory come on the market.  No one can predict the future, but if we look at the past statistics you will notice a very consistent pattern. As we have every year in the past, we should start seeing more inventory in the next couple of weeks.  Our new inventory spike may not be huge, but we have hope! Make sure you are completely preapproved to buy a home by sending 2 years of taxes, last 2 months of bank statements and paystubs to your lender to get an approval from their “Desktop Underwriting.” You may need to be prepared to write above list offers, with more than 1% earnest money, no seller paid buyer closing costs and as much money down as you can to show a strong clean offer! This can sound overwhelming, but we can help you to be fully prepared. Get ready, get set, the fun is about to start!”

Thanks Cheryl for your home buyer tips!

If you have contemplated selling your home, now is a great time. As noted above, home prices have risen 8.4%. You can get more money for your home and buy your next home with great interest rates. Stay tuned, my next blog post will include steps to selling your home. I may even add in a few items we use for the home action plan!

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About Cheryl:

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Realtor since 2003, Broker since 2008.  Top 4% Super Real Estate Agent since 2008.  Still feels honesty is the best policy and doing business face to face is the best.  Would rather walk away from the business than to lead a client down the wrong path.  Prior USAF experience gives her the “Get it Done Attitude” and sensibility you need when selling.  Considered a master negotiator all the way to closing, she never gives up.  She is still GPS challenged and requires 3 u-turns with her GPS mapping system.